Does this view have all the answers?

   No. This view does not "have all the answers." But you know what? No view has all the answers. But of all the views out there, I feel this one provides the best answers for all evidence. Evolution will always struggle with things like stasis, utter lack of transitionals in the fossil record, convergent evolution, parallel evolution, and of course, abiogenesis. But the Young Earth position has some troubling issues of it's own, such as non-intermingling of various creatures within the fossil record, a wide variety of evidences for an old earth, old galaxy and universe, and the fact processes are necessary in forming our earth and in preparing it for the existence of life as we know it--making a "snap of the fingers" instantaneous creation rather doubtful.
   The position presented here has the ability to explain all of these features of our earth, universe and existence as we understand it today. I think it is the best among the various positions you may find out there. It also has a solid expositional basis in proper translation and interpretation of Genesis 1:1-3, a historical precedent in ancient Jewish thought, and remains faithful to the historical-grammatical method of interpretation. It is extremely supernatural in outlook, but refrains from overly appealing to the supernatural as is so often found to be the case in particular issues within the Young Earth position. And, being scientifically based, we can stand alongside our Young Earth brethren in pointing out the simple fact that all evidence is utterly lacking for biological evolution as the origin of species, and especially so for the evolutionism of the athiest sort which is incapable of appealing to the supernatural to explain oddities such as convergence.
    There are questions which remain, however.  For example, the purported history of the indigenous peoples of the Americas stretching back over ten thousand years simply does not fit this position at the present time. And, we all would like to see a better understanding of carbon and radiometric dating methods emerge, a fuller comprehension of their flaws and means by which we may revise our use of these techniques to achieve more accurate results. But science is a work in progress, and perhaps someday the answers to issues like these will come to light.
   Until then, I believe the view presented here has the most complete understanding of our existence and the world around us, is biblically based and, like our Young Earth brethren, emphasizes morality and love for our fellow man.

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