Long Lost Topographies

Ancient Topography Introduction   You probably recognize the image to your left. A meandering river cutting through underlying rock strata as its waters wind and flow over the course of many, many years. As the watters slice deeper and deeper into the earth beneath, sometimes they end up revealing interesting things such as fossils which have been preserved from earlier times, and laid to rest there in the earth prior to the time the river was running along its present course.
    In time, an entire canyon feature exists where the river has been running, and, if it should so happen that watery sediment is laid within the canyon, a sort of cast is formed, like those used to preserve things such as footprints and tire tracks in the ground at a crime scene.
    Well, sometimes this happens on a much larger scale in nature, and today we have technology that can actually help us map these ancient topographies which lay sometimes several thousands of feet below. Seismic data indicates the presence of topographical structures such as river channels, canyons, sinkholes, deltas, and other features vertically interspersed throughout the geologic column. An explanation of this phenomenon by means of a single global flood of one year duration sedementation is, at the present time, not available. Perhaps some explanation of this feature will one day come to light, so Young Earth creationists shouldn't get discouraged by this, but at the current time the theory presented here has the best answer to this phenomenon. Let the following data show you that there is, in fact, real reason to question flood geology. And allowing this sort of data to speak has nothing to do with "compromising" with "evolutionist old age assumptions." It has to do with cold hard facts pertaining to real phenomena we find buried beneath our feet.
    This article provides four examples for you to consider, and will direct you where to go to find more information on the subject.

Topography #1

Ancient Topography Example 1

Topography #2

Ancient Topography Example 2

Topography #3

Ancient Topography Example 3

Topography #4

Ancient Topography Example 4

    These ancient topographies all lay overtop fossiliferous sedimentary rock, meaning they can not be descriptive of the original surface of the earth prior to the Noahic flood.
    For further examples and information on these ancient topographical stuctures, please visit The Virtual Seismic Atlas. For information about the purpose and usefulness of these studies, please see the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program and the USGS Energy Resources Program webpages.

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