Ancient Aliens Debunked
by Chris White

    The ancient astronaut movement assumes ancient man to have been unintelligent cavemen, and suggests they were helped along in their amazing accomplishments by aliens from another planet. This rather silly and strange concept is actually taken quite seriously today by a great many people around the world. It stems from evolutionary thinking: that ancient man was an under-developed and that it is very likely evolution has occurred elsewhere in the universe, perhaps even our own galaxy. If these alleged aliens are considered "likely to exist," and had a mere million year head start on us, its possible they came here to experiment, teach, or plunder. So much for "skepticism." Many evolutionists indeed do reject the ancient astronaut theory, and I applaud them for doing so.
    Chris White has produced a solid, sound-minded treatment of the subject. It's time we put this fairytale to rest once and for all. Chris White and Dr. Michael Heiser are at the fore in this effort. What follows is the full length presentation refuting every detail of the ancient astronaut nonsense. What should be noted is that many of the claims of ancient astronaut advocates are not simply honest mistakes or unguarded remarks, but rather, are intentionally deceptive. You can visit the website for yourself at where you will also find the accompanying materials referenced in the video. Chris White has also released a shorter video about ancient art, which I've included below.

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