The Dispensational Time-frame Principle
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   This illustration refers to the fact that sometimes Scripture doesn't tell us of a particular period of time because it is not relevant to the audience. The illustration explains the fact of this phenomenon in various passages which relate the time for Israel from the Exodus through to the time Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem. Depending upon the audience, or upon the author's message he intended to convey, there are instances when an overall period of time is described while leaving out portions of time within it which do not serve the author's purpose.
   The illustration is used to show that the present age in which we live is not included, or leapt over, in Daniel 9 because it does not pertain to the destiny of the nation Israel.
   This same phenomenon is found also in Genesis chapter 1, as illustrated below:

Timeframe between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2

   The reason the translucent section of the bar is not included, or leapt over, in between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2, is because that entire span of creative events and angelic activity does not pertain to us, the Human Being, in our divinely planned purpose and destiny. It simply has nothing to do with us. The purpose of Genesis 1 is to declare who the Creator is, then it moves right into the phase of creation which pertains to us. This phenomenon beautifully illuminates the dispensational structure of the Holy Bible, and is illustrated below in our footer logo.

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