Here are some helpful tips for using our charts. Some people find them hard to read. They were actually laid out with the thought of printing them on large 18x24 or 24x36 paper at your local Kinko's, laminate and use for teaching. And you can use them that way if you like. Just to be warned, I tried a 24x36 and the print turned out rather pixelated, but 18x24 turns out nicely. 11x17 turns out great and is nice to give to others as a Bible study tool.
    But for personal use, we recommend you click the image below for the chart you want and let the full size image load up. Then, right click on the image, scroll over and click "save image as," and give the file a name. Then, open "my pictures,"open the picture file with a right click, then click "open with," and select "Windows Photo Viewer." Now you can zoom in and around the entire chart with ease.

Dispensational Premillennialism

The Transition from the Dispensation of Law to the Dispensation of Grace

An Introduction to the Dispensational Time-frame Principle

The Dispensational Time-frame Principle in the Book of Daniel

Daniel 9:26-27: The Framework for the Olivet Discourse

A Comparison of the Ancient Dispensational Framework to the Systematized Dispensational Framework

Covenant Amillennialism

The Family Trees of Dispensational Premillennialism and Covenant Amillennialism

Old Earth Creationism (The Gap Theory)

    And as always, an easy way to get a slightly larger picture while viewing the image here at the site is to simply click the F11 key for 'full screen' viewing. Also keep in mind the option to the top right of your browser to increase the zoom percentage of the overall window.
    Larger, high quality chart images are planned for the future. Until then, I hope the charts here help in your personal and small group study. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know via our feedback form.

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