The Dispensational Time-frame Principle
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    In the above illustration, what can be proven here is that the 480 years of 1 Kings 6:1 does not contradict the years given by Paul in Acts 13:17-22. The difference is not an error in calculation, but rather, a difference of perspective upon the years provided. Sometimes Jewish recollection of a period of time was based upon actual years which had elapsed between certain events, and at other times it was based upon years in which Israel was in a blessed condition in the eyes of God, dwelling happily and unhindered in her covenanted land.
    A similar phenomenon is found in Daniel 9. The prophecy pertains to 490 years, yet it has been quite a bit more than that now and Israel has yet to enter into the blessings prophesied in Daniel 9:24, i.e., the Messianic Kingdom. The reason is because an intercalation occurs between the end of the 69th Week and the start of the 70th Week, of which intercalation does not pertain to Israel's destiny. When the prophecy states: "Seventy Sevens have been decreed for your people and your holy city to...", it does mean just that. Looking back upon the prophecy from our perspective today, we see that a large period is not included in the Seventy Sevens because that period does not pertain to Israel. Those who blur Israel and the Chruch as if the two are one and the same entity will not ever understand the prophecy of the Seventy Weeks correctly.

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