What do you think about Young Earth Creationism?

   Young Earth Creationism is a wonderful view, faithful to the Bible, based upon the historical-grammatical method of interpretation, and held by a large number of godly men and women throughout the world. Their effort is genuine and sincere; they embrace a godly worldview in which morality is emphasized; they care for and love their fellow man and the world in which we live; and they are at the fore in demonstrating the utter lack of evidence for biological evolution as the origin of species.
    The purpose of this section of our website is not to "attack" Young Earth Creationism. We do, however, find compelling evidence for a history of the earth extending back much more than six to eight thousand years. We see evidence of multiple creations in the distant past, which correspond roughly with the segments of the geologic column. And we feel that the silence of Scripture on the origin and fall of angels is indicative of its distant past and, as with the previous creations, is not disclosed to us in any formal manner in Scripture because it does not pertain to the Human Being. That is really the only difference you will find between Young Earth Creationism and the theory set forth here. In my own personal opinion, Young Earth Creationism comes in just behind the Old Earth Gap position as the most likely and Scriptural view, with other supernatural Old Earth views like that of Hugh Ross in third, theistic evolution in a distant fourth, and atheistic evolution coming in a very distant last place.
   We stand in full agreement with Young Earth Creationists that there is not a shred of evidence to indicate biological evolution as the origin of species; that all of  Charles Darwin's predictions of what science would uncover in his near future have utterly failed; that all evidence indicates a supernatural Creator is responsible for the world in which we live, and that the God of the Jewish Scriptures is that supernatural Creator.
   We likewise agree with Young Earth Creationists that the issue of origins is one of great importance; that the book of Genesis is foundational to our Faith; and that the Lord Jesus Christ can only be rightly comprehended as the Second Adam in light of the creation account and Fall as recorded in Scripture.
   We agree with Young Earth Creationists that there was a supernatural creation of this world over a period of six literal days, and that this creation event occurred some six to eight thousand years ago. We agree with a Noahic deluge of universal implication in which only eight people survived, though we leave room for variety of opinion on the extent and mechanism of the flood event.
   We actually agree with Young Earth Creationists on so many points that you will find some of their books in our Recommended Reading section once we get that page up and running.
   If you have any other questions about this, please feel free to contact the webmaster via the feedback button to the left of your screen. He enjoys discussing these issues and will promptly return your inquiries.

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