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The Nation of Israel

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      A Comparison and Contrast Between Israel and the Church [Middletown Bible Church]
      The Use of the Term "Israel" in the New Testament [Middletown Bible Church]

      In 1926, Carlyle B. Haynes penned the following:

    "While there is widespread belief in the nearness of the second coming of Christ, it is a fact that so many misleading theories have been connected with this great truth that it is to be feared, when the event itself takes place, many who believe in His coming will be unprepared to receive Him because of the false views they hold regarding the manner and purpose of His coming.
    Because of a misunderstanding of the prophecies of the Bible, there has come to be connected with the teaching of the Lord's return a belief in the literal return of the Jews to Palestine and Jerusalem.
    We believe that the earnest Christian men who hold this view are seriously mistaken regarding the return of the Jews; that the hopes and expectations they have based on such a return are doomed to disappointment; and therefore we earnestly invite them to a consideration of the Bible teaching on this subject, in the hope that all the people of God who ardently look for Christ's coming may clearly discern the truth regarding this subject.
    After long examination of the Bible on this point, we are forced to the conclusion that the theory of the return of the Jews is based on a misapprehension of the whole purpose of God, a misunderstanding of the promise of God to Abraham, and a misapplication of the many prophecies of the Bible which speak of the restoration of the true Israel, making these prophecies apply to literal Israel after the flesh, when they should be applied to spiritual Israel, or those who are Christ's.
    A study of the purpose, promises, and prophecies of God concerning this matter will be helpful in establishing the truth of this important subject." - Carlyle B. Haynes, The Return of Jesus, Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1926, pp.243-244

      Carlyle B. Haynes ate those words in 1948...

      Carlyle B. Haynes was correct about one thing, however. There are alleged Bible readers who have an utter misapprehension of the entire purpose and plan of God. Men who have an all but complete misunderstanding of the Abrahamic Covenant. Men who arbitrarily apply Israel's destiny to our present in some sort of strange, spiritualized craziness that doesn't make any sense at all. They are called "Covenant Amillennialists."

    A Walk Through the Old City of Jerusalem

   "Ready to Rebuild"...?


The Nation of Israel

The Theocratic Kingdom by George N.H. Peters
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