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The Mystery (The Church)

The Apostle Paul     In Scripture, the Christian Church is a people-group consisting of all believers in the death, buriel and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and have therefore been regenerated of the Holy Spirit. This group was formed at an interesting event in Acts 2, was broadened to include non-Jewish believers in Acts 10 and continues through to today. Her task was simply to proclaim the risen Messiah to Israel, then to the world at large as we find recorded in the book of Acts.
    Jesus prophesied of this people in a special revelation to the Apostle Peter. What are we to understand as the "rock" upon which "My Church" will be "built"? What is meant by "the gates of Hades" shall not "prevail" over her? What are the "keys of the kingdom," and what about the rabbinic "binding and loosing" theme transferred to Peter? This will all be discussed here.
    The significance of the Apostle Paul and his revelation of the Mystery is absolutely central to Dispensational Theology.  This section will explore Paul's remarkable conversion and calling, all things pertaining to the Church, her constitution, her purpose and outlook, and the special resurrection event and heavenly destiny pertaining only to her.

    A lot of people have difficulty understanding why exactly it is that only Dispensational Premillennialists believe in pretribulational timing for the rapture of the Church. It was lost pretty early in Church history, and along with it eventually went the distinction of the Church from Israel. Covenantalists have spent a great deal of effort setting a general sentiment, and a false one, that a distinction between Israel and the Church is a new concept. The falsehood of this is evident in the coexistence of the two peoples during the period of history found in the book of Acts, Paul's explicit statement that Israel has not obtained what she was seeking (Romans 11:7), and Covenantalist ecclesiology is contrary to the position of the early Church as we show in our article The Ecclesiology of the Ancient Church. These two key points, when made clear once again from Scripture, solidify Dispensational Premillennialism as the sole systematic theology found within the Holy Bible and as held, at least in a very nearly identical sense, by the early Christian Church. These issues among others pertaining to the Church will be discussed in detail in this particular section.
    And, this section also will include some articles about "hyper dispensationalism," also known as "Bullingerism," and will provide Scriptural refutations for their late placement of the birth of the Church, for their view that the Church in the book of Acts is not us but a different "Jewish Church," and for their reasons they believe Christians today should not partake of baptism and the Lord's supper (i.e., communion).

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The Christian Church

The Theocratic Kingdom by George N.H. Peters
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