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The Offer of the Messianic Kingdom to the Nation Israel

the kingdom offer    The divine offer of the Messianic Kingdom to the nation Israel in the first century A.D. is a very important subject. The issue of His being "Messiah," and the "Kingdom" to which it pertains, is a foundational concept of the entire Holy Bible. It is rooted in promises God has made--Covenants--which He will fulfill to the nation Israel. Also, prophecy. Direct Biblical prophecy of the King and His Kingdom is extensively provided throughout Scripture.
    This divine offer of the Messiah and His Kingdom to the Nation Israel is the very purpose and structure of the Gospels and Acts. Again, this offer of the covenanted and prophesied kingdom to the nation of Israel constitutes the purpose of Christ's first advent ministry, and the conversion of Israel was a primary goal of the Church up to the time of 70 A.D.

    The Messiah's first advent ministry is structured around a divine declaration given to Israel, that her Messiah has come. The New Testament records the nation's reaction to this ministry of Messiah: at first a time of initial acceptance, then a downturn and rejection followed by the cross.
    Then the testimony to Israel of the risen Lord is carried forward in the book of Acts, teaching that the Lord may come right then and there if the nation turns to Him in faith, then the book concludes and shortly thereafter - the destruction of Jerusalem and diaspora.
    There is a common misconception that Jesus strolled on the scene declaring the kingdom has already begun, did some miracles to prove it, died on the cross for some reason and then flew up to heaven to sit on the "real" throne of David. The Messianic expectations of the nation at the time were entirely misplaced, because... they had been hoodwinked by God all along and didn't realize they were supposed to be interpreting their Scriptures like Greek philosophers. This strange exposition is dogmatically presented in books such as A Case for Amillennialism by Kim Riddlebarger (see our review here). This empty exposition is necessary if a "spirit kingdom" doctrine is to be maintained.

    The study which follows will show how Messiah's first advent ministry was a careful build-up of events and circumstances culminating in an offer to Israel of her Messiah and His Kingdom at the Triumphant Entry. The significance of Messiah's death, resurrection, ascension and outpouring of the Holy Spirit will then be presented, and the force of the apostles preaching in the book of Acts based upon these facts. Finally, the terminating point of the book of Acts and the subsequent diaspora will be discussed.

    See our chart which portrays the period of time in which the Kingdom was offered to Israel:

    In the following video, some discussion is had as to why Jesus was killed. Do you think any of them get it right?

The Messianic Offer:
  Part i
    An Introduction to the Postponement of the Kingdom
    Why Covenant Amillennialists Deny This Scriptural Theme

    Examples of Conditional Blessings or Cursings
    Jewish Thought and Old Testament Prophecy Concerning the Advent of Messiah
  Part ii
    John's Ministry and Baptism
    If You Are Willing to Accept It, John Himself is Elijah Who Was to Come
    The Good News of the Kingdom: The Kingdom of God At Hand
    The Sending Forth of the Twelve and of the Seventy

    The Kingdom of God is in Your Midst
    Prophecy of Rejection
  Part iii
    Some Standing Here Shall Not Taste Death Until...
    The Transfiguration
    The Triumphant Entry
    My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
  Part iv

    The Structure, Content and Termination of the Book of Acts
    The Diaspora
  Part v
    This Good News of the Kingdom Will Be Preached in the Whole World...

    Palm Branches: A Comparison of John 12:13 and Revelation 7:9
    Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the LORD

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