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The Pre-Abram Peoples

     Sometimes referred to simply as the Gentiles, we refer here only to the righteous or God-fearing in our articles about the pre-Abram peoples of God. Another world, now almost entirely lost to time, existed well before Abraham and the nation of Israel. Step back further to a time prior to the deluge, and we find ancient times of which we know only slight details from the very earliest chapters of a single book in the Bible. People of that time did have a relationship with God, and had various appointed means by which to approach Him in worship. This section will cover historical issues pertaining to the era in general, and articles describing the three dispensations involved.

The Deluge
    The Noahic Deluge vs. the Epic of Gilgamesh

  Our current human existence on this earth actually comprises two different creations of God. The first, often called "the antediluvian period," is completely gone and done away. Our creation as we know it today traces back to Noah and family following the deluge event. This concept is referred to in 2 Peter 3, and is illustrated in our Old Earth Creationist chart here.

    Lost Civilizations: Babylonia, Assyria, and Sumer

 The Table of Nations
    The Nimrodian Kingdom

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Pre-Abram Peoples

The Theocratic Kingdom by George N.H. Peters
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