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    Of all the different eschatological positions held by alleged Bible readers, the Covenant Amillennialism coupled with Preterism is the most unscriptural, unhistorical and downright absurd you could possibly imagine.
    Not only do they spiritualize the Messianic Kingdom into nothingness, and pretend it no big deal that none of the ancient Church happened to notice the establishing of this "kingdom." They say the same of the Great Tribulation as well, placing it at 70 A.D.
    The Lord already came according to this view, so, any person with a brain and a Bible will immediately recognize the outright heretical nature of this position. And I suppose the prophesied collapse of the Roman Empire was just as invisible as the Great Tribulation, Advent and Kingdom.
    Having the Great Tribulation allegedly fulfilled long ago, they now have opened the way to what they call "an optimistic outlook," which is why you find them mistakenly referring to themselves as "postmillennialists" in spite of the fact true Postmillennialism went extinct with the World Wars. Preterists are a new form of amillennialist, an "optimistic amillennialist." They are not "postmillennialists." They hold a brand new position -- optimistic amillennialism -- and not the postmillennialism as formulated per Daniel Whitby.
    The importance of the early Church's absolute silence on any concept that the Great Tribulation was at 67-70 A.D., that the imminent coming of the Lord occurred at that time, or that the Messianic Kingdom was established at that time cannot be overstated. The preterist position is an absurdity from the very start. A sort of "sick joke." No right-minded person who reads the Bible would ever arrive at the preterist conclusion, and it's actually quite embarrassing that there are "Christians" out there who believe this to be the meaning of the Bible. They make Christians look bad in general. Very dumb.

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